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Dia.Log Basic

The features and options available with the pre-configured content management system (CMS) Dia.Log:

  • Pre-configured CMS Dia.Log with three-level navigation, including three popular templates + 24 months manufacturer warranty.


    • Home Template: Includes a slider function and automatically displays the latest three news items.
    • News Template: Articles sorted by date with subsequent or detailed pages.
    • Content Template: Designed for content with images, videos, text, and links.
  • Available Modules:

    • Internal search engine with single-page results list.
    • Automatic sitemap.
    • Standard contact form.
    • Multifile upload.
    • Image and file management: Automatically scales your images into various sizes, e.g., slider for home, news images for overview and detail pages, as well as images for the content template.
  • Optional:

    • Custom templates and additional modules available after upgrading to "comfort".
    • Language adaptations possible.
    • Software maintenance service can be booked.
    • One-hour on-site training or instruction via phone conference using our TeamViewer license, depending on distance.
    • Website design can be customized using CSS files.


All prices excluding VAT, applicable only to businesses.

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