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Dia.Log Professional

With Dia.Log Professional we combine security with extremely short loading times.

Lazy Load:
With the standard lazy load, images are only displayed in a blurred manner as long as the part of the page is not visible. The images are only reloaded when the user scrolls into this area. This approach ensures a performance gain, especially on smartphones, and Google PageSpeed ​​Insights awards this technology top marks for loading times.

Frontend editor:
Using the frontend editor on PC devices is also fun. Once you're logged into the system, you can easily change the page in the frontend. Here you can also select and save other image sections or upload a new image directly. 

Large files:
Do you know the problem with files that are too large? Most providers only allow files up to 8MB or 10MB to be uploaded. We get around the problem, break the file down and send 1MB packets to the server. There we put the file back together. 50 MB? No problem.

Multidomain capable:
The CMS Professional is the basis for multidomain management, one CMS but several different websites. This allows you to maintain all your websites in one place

Included services:

  • Includes 2 standard templates
  • Including user management CMS Dia.Log Content Control
  • Including short links
  • Uploading oversized files
  • Image and file management with automatic scaling of images to individual sizes, selection of image section possible
  • Frontend editor: direct editing of articles in the frontend
  • Two-hour on-site training included (max. 4 people, excl. travel)
  • Article and navigation management: Moving individual articles or navigation levels
  • 24 months manufacturer warranty


  • Individual templates & modules possible
  • Language adaptations possible
  • APIs/XML Web Services
  • Multidomain management possible
  • Software maintenance service 

All prices excluding VAT for commercial customers only.

Please also use our other services for smooth operation of your website and short loading times:

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