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Dia.Log, the CMS (Content Management System), is designed for users who prefer not to spend time on programming, HTML, or CSS. It's a system tailored to your needs where you can simply focus on publishing content. This allows you to fully dedicate yourself to your role as a content editor.

Publishing Content:
Dia.Log is a template-based CMS. This means you can add a menu item to your website, link it to an existing template, and publish content without any programming knowledge. The templates offer flexibility for design, and the system is highly intuitive and easy to use.

Uploading and Editing Images:
Through the file management feature, you can upload images and files via multi-file upload directly to the web server. Images are automatically scaled to the required sizes by the system, ensuring optimal image dimensions across all areas of the website. If you need to publish only a portion of an image, you can easily achieve this through the internal image editing tools.

Frontend Editor:
The frontend refers to the website that visitors see. When logged into Dia.Log, you can edit content directly on the website using the frontend editor. This is particularly useful for quickly correcting any typos or errors that you notice while reviewing the site.

Modules and Extensions:
Dia.Log offers a variety of popular modules, including landing pages, newsletters, and a sitemap generator (sitemap.xml for Google & Co.). It also supports integration of products, inventory, etc., via XML feeds.

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