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Dia.Log is one of the fastest content management systems on the market.

Armin Schwarzkopf, Developer Dia.Log

The content management system Dia.Log:
'Made in Germany' no longer just signifies good quality, but also security. The system undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its reliability, as it is also used in the public sector, such as by authorities and institutions.

In addition to high security, we focus on intuitive user interface and fast website response times. Dia.Log consistently scores between 90% and 99% on Google PageSpeed Insights for PC/Mobile, which sets it apart from other content management systems.

I don't think commercial software will disappear because of open source anytime soon.

Kasper Skårhøj, developer of Typo3

Content Management System Typo3: The open-source project Typo3 offers a vast array of features. We recommend implementing websites with Typo3 for clients who have their own IT resources and/or wish to expand the system according to their own preferences.

Compared to other content management systems, Typo3's response times may be slightly slower, but this is offset by its extensive range of features. Typo3 is indeed a powerful tool. We recommend installing security updates promptly.

If you make the Internet, live on the internet.

Matthew Mullenweg, developer WordPress

Content Management System WordPress: The blogging software WordPress has always been popularly repurposed as a content management system. The system is easy to understand, and there are numerous pre-made themes that can be easily installed.

Unfortunately, according to Heise Security, WordPress is somewhat more vulnerable when it comes to security. However, the system does have an automatic update function. We recommend installing security updates continuously and verifying website functionality afterward.

Web hosting must be secure, and technical support must be guaranteed!

Frank Holtzwart, CEO Mobinex

Our web hosting offers are clear and transparent. There are only three plans: 'Starter' without a database, 'Profi' with a database, and 'BladeCloud/SSD'. The SSD technology ensures that your website is truly fast. We recommend combining 'BladeCloud/SSD' with the CMS Dia.Log.

For customers with high email volume, we offer 50, 100, 200, or 500 GB email accounts. If an account exceeds 50 GB, an additional 50 GB will be automatically added.

We guarantee the operation of our web and email services using 100% renewable energy sources, promoting sustainability. You can request the certificates of origin for our electricity from us.

The new General Data Protection Regulation will finally bring the right to the level of the digital age - uniformly across 28 EU member states.

Heiko Maas is the former Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs in Germany

Freedom and self-determination in the digital world crucially depend on retaining sovereignty over our personal data.

Therefore, it is clear: the General Data Protection Regulation is one of the most important reform projects of the EU.

It will strengthen the sovereignty of each individual to decide for themselves about their personal information. Their consent for data usage will carry more weight. Those who wish to use others' data will need to disclose this more transparently in the future. Additionally, individuals' rights to delete their data will be strengthened.

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CMS Dia.Log %100
CMS Typo3 %86
WordPress Blog %95
Webhosting %99
SEO %95
GDPR %99

We are the developers of the content management system (editorial system) Dia.Log. The system is very intuitive and user-friendly, very fast, and secure compared to other systems. Additionally, we offer Typo3 or WordPress.

Test the speed of Dia.Log with Google PageSpeed Insights and see for yourself.

As a technical partner, we offer you solutions from a single source. Our web hosting services are perfectly tailored to content management systems. Our blade servers come with 50 GB SSD and more.

In addition, we offer scalable email accounts with 50, 100, 200 GB, and more. This puts an end to IMAP bottlenecks.

Our external data protection officers audit your company and your website.

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