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CMS Dia.Log licenses and interfaces

Generally, you can run Dia.Log on a domain of your choice. If you have different subsidiaries/projects whose websites run independently on different domains, you can fall back on the CMS Dia.Log Multidomain to unite all projects under one CMS.

Web services (XML-based) can be used to integrate and map machine-readable information from other applications.

A single CMS behind different domain names and websites? No problem for Dia.Log. The content management system Dia.Log can manage as many domains as you like, the databases/webspaces only have to be stored on one server. We recommend our BladeCloud fare for high visitors to your websites.
Many of our customers use the possibility of language adaptation. The CMS Dia.Log (front end) can be used in any local language. The backend is available in German and English and can be expanded at any time.
The interface for personnel service providers saves a lot of time: publish your job advertisement not only on your own website but also with other important and simultaneously free job markets. In addition to the Federal Employment Agency (HR-BA-XML), we also own portals such as Trovit S.L. or Expertfinder24 GmbH among our partners. New job boards are constantly being added. This will increase the reach of your job advertisements many times over.
We can offer you a variety of interfaces that communicate with other systems.

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