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What is new?

On this page you will find all the latest news from our company as well as recommendations about upcoming up-to-date activations of PHP, Dia.Log, Typo3 and WordPress.

FLEXA with a new Product-filter page
Frank Holtzwart | 01.Jul.2024
The updated website for the "Products" menu item has been further developed with a view to intuitive navigation and clearly structured categorization. The new clear design allows you to navigate effortlessly through our wide range of products.
Supported by CMS Dia.Log

Unleber construction in a new robe
Frank Holtzwart | 30.Mar.2023
The developer Unsleber from Glattbach has opted for a new website. Our CMS Dia.Log is included: easy, fast and safe.

Training 2023
Frank Holtzwart | 17.Mar.2023
A good education can help you learn interesting skills. Have you ever thought about it? Do you want to know more?

Dia.Log Version 8.0
Frank Holtzwart | 01.Jul.2020
The editing system Dia.Log is now available in version 8.0, which corresponds with PHP 7.3.x and 7.4.x. The new version eliminates the need for cookies and at the same time we offer the module "hreflang". With this module you can easily copy articles and navigation points into another language. This sets the hreflang attribute, which Google recognizes that the copy of the content is a language adaptation and not a duplicate content.

Lawyers Aschaffenburg with new website
Frank Holtzwart | 13.Aug.2019
The law firm Schneider & Faust in Aschaffenburg goes online with the CMS Dia.Log and storms with a rating of 100% GooglePageSpeed Insightsin the desktop version!

Free SSL Certificate
Frank Holtzwart | 25.Jul.2019
We offer all our customers a free SSL certificate per domain on request. The URL then allows the URL to be redirected using .htaccess easily from http:// to https://.

Dia.Log Version 7.3
Frank Holtzwart | 08.Mar.2019
Version 7.3 of the CMS Dia.Log now corresponds with PHP version 7.3. In addition to a significant improvement in performance, numerous security updates were also implemented.

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