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With safety to the goal

In every development phase of the CMS Dia.Log, we place particular emphasis on security. Object-oriented programming makes the system significantly more secure against external attacks. Since we also serve clients in the public sector, such as municipalities, theaters, and museums, the CMS undergoes regular security tests. If a security update becomes necessary, we can deploy it to all clients within a few hours. This ensures the smooth operation of your website.

SSL/TLS security package for Dia.Log
Maximum security for your customer communication. Many websites use unencrypted forms, and their data is then transmitted unencrypted via email using the PHP mail() function. This data can be easily intercepted by third parties. With the SSL/TLS security package for Dia.Log, form inputs are first transmitted from the client (browser) to the web server via SSL, and notification emails to you are sent via TLS. Complete security is our standard.
In the Dia.Log Professional version, the multi-level permission concept is already included. You can create new users and specify which rights each of them has. This way, you can designate who is responsible for sending the newsletter or for the content of a menu item.
A customer login allows your visitors to access a password-protected area with various features - from simple access restriction via .htaccess to a sophisticated download system with access hierarchies and personalized login.

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