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Open-source CMS Typo3 is not entirely straightforward in installation and usage, but it offers a vast array of functionalities. We recommend this CMS to clients who are comfortable making modifications and applying their own CSS or HTML rules. Due to its extensive feature set, Typo3 requires a large number of files to be installed, making it a heavyweight in the CMS field. Fast web hosting with OPC cache is essential for achieving good website speeds.

The Extension Repository, or TER, hosts many extensions where popular ones include the News System by Georg Ringer, Powermail, etc. These extensions can be installed and customized with their own CSS classes to fit the web design.

While some knowledge of CSS and HTML by the editor is advantageous, it's not mandatory. As Typo3 Integrators, we can restrict the backend interface to minimize the feature set visible to editors. However, we intentionally keep the functionality open to reflect why our clients choose Typo3.

With open-source software, it's crucial to keep it regularly updated.

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