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Intuitive User Guidance

As a visitor to a website, you want to find your way around quickly and easily. The navigation elements must be clearly structured and recognizable, whether you are using a PC, tablet, or smartphone. The following modules assist with this:


Vanity links are easy-to-remember URLs or web addresses that redirect to a specific content on a website. Due to the desire for descriptive URLs, the web address of a specific content can become very long depending on the navigation depth. URLs like https://www.domain.de/karriere/bewerben/bewerbungsformular.html can thus be easily replaced with a short link like http://www.domain.de/bewerbung/. Additionally, a short link has high significance and can therefore also be used in other media, such as print media, etc.

A "breadcrumb" shows your visitor at any time their current position in the navigation. At a clearly visible location on the page, the navigation is represented again in the form of "Home / Products / etc." Similarly to the internal search function, the breadcrumb offers several practical advantages to the visitor: on one hand, to maintain an overview, and on the other hand, to quickly find information again. A commonly desired exception is the homepage, the starting page of a website. Usually, the breadcrumb is suppressed here.
An internal search engine helps the visitor to search for topics. The deeper the navigation levels, the more reasonable is the addition of the website with its own search engine. The result lists can be set up differently: from the one-sided to the scrollable hit list, your visitors always keep an overview
A supplement to the search and the breadcrumb is the sitemap. It displays all navigation points of the website in a clear tree structure. In combination with search engine optimization, files such as sitemap.xml can also be generated that use Google, Bing and Yahoo to automatically index the content of your website.

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