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Our team

Already in 1996, a predecessor of today's CMS (Editorial System) Dia.Log was created. A large company from Switzerland commissioned us to program a "virtual warning system". This warning system should be able to be activated in a chemical accident and publish up-to-date information via the website. The programme was very simple and functional in 1996. Today it has grown into a content management system that can be integrated into a website absolutely flexibly. The entire wheel action system is individually adapted to the needs of the customer.

The customer only receives the range of functions he really needs. With this philosophy, our CMS stands out from the crowd, because it makes the maintenance of your website easy and convenient, and the system is one of the fastest CMS ever compared to Google PageSpeed Insight.

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Frank Holtzwart
Owner, GDPR Auditor

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Wolfgang Reinisch
Sales, GDPR Auditor

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